somni mask

Earphone Input

Removable Device

Soft Earphones

Device window with motion sensors and RGB

3D eye sleep mask for the Device

How Does Somni work?

What is this device? What are the motion sensors with signals for? Rapid eye movement (REM) is a phase of sleep where a person experiences vivid and memorable dreams. During this phase, a sleeping person's eyes make intense, random movements while exploring the dream world. The Somni mask tracks REM sleep with motion sensors and causes lucid dreams by using audiovisual methods without interrupting your sleep during other stages. You will see and hear the signals received from the mask in your dream.

Eye Movement:

REM Sleep Stage

Other Sleep Stages

Algorithm of the Somni Mask 7 Hour Sleep Chart


REM Sleep

Stage 1

Shallow sleep

Stage 2

Light sleep

Stage 3

Deep sleep

Stage 4

Deepest sleep






By default, the mask will start tracking REM sleep 1 hour after turning on (time can be changed)

Head movement = Short pause

Dreaming with Rapid Eye Movement

Somni mask (REM Tracking + Signals)

Lucid dreaming

By default, the mask will start tracking REM sleep 1 hour after turning on (time can be changed)

During Work

Button ON

Calm melody

Pause 1 hour (tracking off)

After 1 hour - Eye and head movement tracking...

REM is detected

Enable signals

Pause 5 min

Movement tracking... (repeat)

The Somni mask works strictly according to its algorithm to accurately track REM sleep. In order to use it, you press a button and put it on before bed. When you wake up, you can use the application to see when you were in REM sleep. The mask tracks head movement. This means that the device will not begin eye-tracking until you are completely asleep.

How to lucid dream with Somni?

The Somni Mask creates a certain dream for you through the audio that is loaded into the device's memory. Before you go to bed, turn on the mask and put on the headphones. During REM sleep, the mask automatically turns on this audio and you will see a dream corresponding to the audio. By default, optimal sounds are loaded into the mask, the splashing of water with a voice telling you that you are dreaming. In your dream, you will see this dream with its cues and can try to have a lucid dream.