wake up in your dreams

The Somni mask is the easiest way
to inspire lucid dreaming


what is the somni mask?

what is the somni mask?

It is an intelligent mask that tracks REM sleep and causes lucid dreaming using audiovisual methods!


Somni Mask Functions

  • Eye Movement Tracking

    Eye-tracking using motion sensors is the most reliable way to detect REM sleep. The flexible sensor settings on the mask will allow you to choose the ideal settings for your sleep.

  • Head Movement Tracking

    Signals will not be triggered when you wake up or roll over

  • LED Signals

    Light signals with adjustable brightness and frequency

  • Sound Signals

    Upload any audio file onto the mask, and it will turn on during REM sleep. It comes with an adjustable volume.

  • Interface Settings

    Advanced customization will allow you to adjust mask settings to interact with your dreams

  • Sleep Logging

    Quickly view the activity log while using the mask; you can see when the head and eye movements were detected and more.

How It Works


The Somni mask’s configuration software will allow you to adjust the brightness, volume, and more.


  • Audio Service
  • Calm Melody
  • Share Config
  • USB-OTG Connection
  • Sleep Log