Person in REM Sleep

What is it? Why do we need motion sensors with signals? Rapid eye movement (REM) is a phase of sleep where a person sees vivid and memorable dreams. At this stage of sleep, a sleeping person's eyes make intense random movements exploring the dream world. The Somni mask will track the REM and send you signals to enter a lucid dream without disturbing your sleep at other stages. Thus, you will see and hear the signals received from the mask while sleeping. You will realize that you are dreaming, and then you will be able to enter a state of lucid dream.

7 hour sleep chart

The graph shows the time when the mask begins to work, it is 1-2 hours before waking up, during this time you are dreaming and this will be the best time for lucid dreams, the mask will send you light and sound signals

Example of a lucid dream

1. You are walking in a dream as a spectator

2. You will notice bright flashes and a voice - You are dreaming

3. You will understand that the signals came from the mask and then you will be able to enter a state of lucid dream