Button functionality

1. If the device is turned off, hold down the button for more than 1 second, and you will see green flashes. When you see these flashes, you can immediately release the button.

2. Green flashes mean that you are turning on the device. Each flash indicates battery charge. 1 flash equals 10% charge. 5 flashes means 50% of the charge remains. 10 short green flashes equals 100% battery, and the device is fully charged. There can be only 10 short flashes in total.

3. If you quickly press the button while playing the calming melody, you will immediately skip the calming melody and start the calm pause from the program settings.

4. When turning on the device, hold down the button for more than 15 seconds and ignore the charging indication, you will see and hear light and sound signals. This is necessary to test the volume and brightness of your settings. The device turns off automatically after playing the signals. The button does not work during testing.

5. When the device is working, press the button for more than 2 seconds, and the device will go into off mode. Before that, it will show the remaining battery charge in red flashes. As with power on, each flash means 10% battery remaining. 10 red flashes equals 100%, and that it is fully charged.

6. To connect to a computer, you need to hold down the button for 1 second and release. When it has been successfully connected it will show a constant green light.

7. If the device is discharged, when you connect the cable, you will notice the charging process with fast flashes. Then, when it is 100% charged, you will see a constant green light.

8. If the battery is low, you will see many red flashes when you try to turn it on.