Lucid dream is a dream during which you are aware that you are dreaming. In these dreams, you can do anything imaginable, and it will be felt vastly real. Vision, sound, smell. Anyone can take control of his dream, but one needs to grasp it first.

Lucid dreams are a natural phenomenon, but very few people know and experience them. Some people practice for months or even years. Many methods and techniques have been developed to help teach people to dream consciously. Such techniques can take months or years of special practice, and some people either give up too early or see no results at all.

Why do we need lucid dreams?

First of all, the psychotherapeutic side is worth noting. A person will be able to overcome his phobias and fears by simulating them in his dream. Then, he can transfer his confidence from his dream to the real world.

When a person suddenly finds himself in a lucid dream, he is aware of himself as usual, with same sensations. He can touch anything around and observe it in small details. In this case, emotions overhelm him and all questions fade into background. First lucid dreams not only shock, but often frighten people. Lucid dreams open fantastic opportunities before a person. And we are talking not about questionable stories described in esoteric literature, but about scientifically proved ones, available to everyone.



In lucid dreams, boundaries are blurred. A person paralyzed in reality can walk, fly or participate in medieval battles. Everything here is limited only by your imagination.

Skills Improvement

When you practice physical skills in sleep, your brain forms new neural connections as well as it does in reality. Theoretically, learning to juggle in a dream, you can learn this in reality faster.


Modeling different situations in all existing areas.

Getting rid of fears and phobias

Fight nightmares. If you manage to realize that your nightmare is just a dream, you can easily turn it into entertainment.

Training and meditation

Self-healing. Getting information about life, yourself, surrounding environment, etc.

VR in a dream

Once in a lucid dream, you find yourself in a virtual world where everything you see, hear, touch, taste is authentic as in reality!

It is our mission to help more people to get into this wonderful experience